online: 8.9.2020 – Healthy environment, healthy lives

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We are member of Friends of Europe and would like to bring the following event to your attention.

Friends of Europe would like to invite you to join our online debate ‘Healthy environment, healthy lives’, taking place on Tuesday 8 September from 9:00 to 10:00.

Nature is central to our health. In the EU, however, almost one in seven deaths is attributable to environmental pollution. Socially deprived communities are more exposed to air pollution, noise and extreme temperatures, and COVID-19 adds an extra burden. Protecting and restoring our environment – in particular in cities – can combat pollution, improve health and foster social cohesion.

Questions include:
The burden of environmental disease is greater in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe. What role can EU instruments like the European Green Deal and the Cohesion Fund play here?
Climate change exacerbates the impacts of environmental pollution and results in more inequality. What can be done to effectively tackle these interlinkages?
Cities can be a playground for experimentation when it comes to green and blue spaces. How can city planners involve vulnerable people and ensure they benefit as well?
This event is organised in partnership with the European Environment Agency to mark the publication of the ‘Healthy environment, healthy lives: how the environment influences health and wellbeing in Europe’ report.

The virtual debate will be held via Zoom Meetings, allowing you to pose your questions and interact directly with the panel as in any of our events. (For registration please contact us at:

Alternatively, you can follow the discussion in real-time by watching it live on the website of friends of Europe. Live